How to find SQL vulnerable website. How to Test SQL vulnerability


Hi everybody , I’m back with an alternate exercise, numerous individuals asking us ,how to discover sql vulnerable site  so today i’m going to let you know the least demanding approach to discover sql vulnerable site ,not just  sql vulnerable  you can even find Rfi, Lfi and XSS vulnerable site with Exploit Scanner.


Requirement :

  • Exploit Scanner
  • Sql dorks list
  • Brain

Let’s Start

To make you understand the exercise vastly improved, I had incorporate a few previews additionally…  ;D

As your download completions, take after below steps :


STEP 1.  Copy SQL dork and paste it into  exploit scanner.also check specify domain or you can check get from all domain. after that click on scan sites.

STEP 2. After complete scan you can see list of all website on right side of exploit scanner. now check website is venerable or not , just click on ” Test Sites”

STEP 3. Presently you have the capacity to see vulnerable sites at right side on exploit scanner to copy all of them simply click on “Clipboard” , it will copy every one of those site, now open notepad and paste them , and save it.

STEP 4. Now  “practice makes man perfect”

if you don’t know SQL injection attack do read other SQL injection tutorial.