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Graphics serve as an unparalleled medium for expressing your imagination. At our company, we merge functionality with creativity, employing captivating and customized graphics to vividly illustrate our services for you.


Get your business up and running online with our seasoned and dedicated team of developers. We specialize in designing visually appealing, flexible, and easily manageable websites utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Register your domain and host it on fast, highly recommended servers – all in just one step. Our streamlined process offers an easy maintenance style for your business, ensuring convenience and efficiency.


W3ctrl is committed to serving you with a dedicated and highly experienced team of business analysts and online marketing experts. Together, we aim to elevate your business to the next level.

Who We Are ?

W3ctrl is a Magento 2 development agency specializing in providing comprehensive e-commerce website solutions and mobile application development for brands. Additionally, we offer complete branding design services, encompassing social media marketing and promotions.”

Our Top Services

Magento 2 website development

Wordpress website development

Magento 1 to Magento 2 data migration

Magento 2 extension development

AWS cloud hosting servers


Our Core Services

Logo and Banner Design

The branding of a website relies significantly on elements like logos and banners. These components play a crucial role in communicating creativity and understanding the essence of the business.

CMS Development

A Content Management System (CMS) is integral in web development. It plays a vital role by offering a better environment for both developers and users, simplifying the execution of tasks.”

Social Media Optimization

SMO enhances your media visibility and strengthens your connection with clients by fostering closer engagement through Social Media Optimization.

Software Development

Software development serves as the fundamental cornerstone for websites and various technical applications. Through software, we streamline and simplify many of our tasks, making them more efficient and manageable.

E-commerce Development

In today’s fast-paced world, customers often prefer online shopping due to time constraints. E-commerce websites play a crucial role in simplifying shopping experiences, allowing customers to save both time and money.

Searh Engine Marketing

SEO stands as a critical factor in website advertising, significantly contributing to increased sales and revenue generation.

Mobile App Development

In today’s era, the advancement of mobile technologies is constant. Every day, innovative mobile applications with new features emerge. At our company, we specialize in developing mobile applications using the latest technology, ensuring cutting-edge features and functionality.

Facebook and Google API

APIs are sets of programs that facilitate communication between applications, serving as interfaces that enable one application to interact and exchange data with another or multiple applications.

Animation and video promotion

Animation and video promotion employ captivating visuals and interactive content to effectively market products, services, or brands. These dynamic mediums engage audiences, delivering messages in an impactful and visually compelling way.

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We boast a dedicated team of experts proficient in diverse areas, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to suit your online business needs.

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