Magento 2 Upgrade & Migration Service

Database Migration

You all customer, products, orders, and reports from Magento 1.x to migrated to latest Magento 2.x.
Magento has provided tools, and guidelines to complete this process and we will follow the same process to migrate your all data to new Magento 2.

Migrating Extensions

We will Install the all your 3rd party available Magento 2 extension with the same settings.Magento 2 has some addon feature so it will help to decrease the number of installed extensions.

Migrating Custom-Built Functionality

You have some custom code and extension for your store functionality and we will keep the same functionality on the Magento 2. so we will migrate the custom code to Magento 2 with the help of Magento 2 module migration guide.

Design Migration

Magento 1.x themes can’t be migrated to Magento 2.x themes.We have many Magento 2.x responsive and Clean themes for you.

Our creative and experience frontend Magento developers can also recreate your same theme in Magento 2 from the scratch.

Migrating Settings

We will setup the same configuration as setup in Magento 1.x. Your all settings,payment gateway,shipping method and sales email settings will be setup in Magento 2.x

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Migrate in Magento 2, and get benefit of full page caching, support of Varnish 4, compatibility with HHVM 3.6 (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) and increased page speed is something that your website is going to get.


Best and only most efficient features of Magento migration is automated testing functionalities. It includes Integration testing, Regression testing, Unit testing, Functional testing, etc. These features lead to enhanced quality assurance processes and decrease in online store go-live times.


Magento 2 supports responsive web design and is mobile friendly. It is ensured mostly by means of CSS and JavaScript.Checkout time is also decreased and is more streamlined compared to Magento 1.x


obtain optimized database indexer and queries that offers faster page loads and improved query speeds.


Magento 2 offers enhanced performance and enterprise grade scalability, with faster page loads by 50% and catalog loads too. We use latest techniques and technologies for image compression, data bundling, content caching and extra support for concurrent updates.


Migrate to Magento 2 for advanced support for HTML5 accompanied by high quality CSS pre-processor. Customization is easier and the base comprises of no up-optimized code. Themes and layouts are best streamlined.