Magento css and js path incorrect -after moving to server


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After a long time now I’m with your for new post on magento. Today i will try to fix your issue after moving magento from local to online server or one server to another server.In this post i will teach you how to fix magento css and js incorrect path after migration of magento.


If you have moved your magento from one server to another server and all css and js are missing it means you are on right post and you will get solution from this post.

If your magento showing local path for file path instead of proper css url path.then you need to do following steps to fix this issue.

How to fix magento css and js incorrect path after migration.

Step 1. Open your database in phpmyadmin.

Step 2. Open core_config_data table .

Step 3. Find value for the path web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url.

Step 4. And set both path value is 0.

Step 5. clear cache from var/cache and check it’s working.


What was issue.

You are facing this issue because your magento merge css and js settings are enable for speed up website.You can again set them enable after finish all developed work .


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